3 Fitness Trends To Speed Up Your Metabolism

           With America becoming more aware of how crucial it is to lead a healthy lifestyle, more people are looking for ways to get in shape. The metabolism is what comes to most people’s minds when they think about their starting point in their fitness journey. The metabolism is defined as all of the processes performed by the body to keep it in tune. When your metabolism speeds up, your body burns more calories, aiding in weight loss. These three fitness trends, in particular, can significantly help you speed your metabolism up.

Eat More Protein

           In general, eating can speed up your metabolism for a few hours. But when you eat protein specifically, your metabolic rate increases by 15-30%, as compared to carbs which only increase it by 5-10% or fats which increate it by 0-3%.

 Protein is also responsible for preventing muscle loss due to dieting and exercise. This is why most fitness experts recommend incorporating protein shakes or bars into your healthy diet. Many of the protein shakes on the market now are low calorie and high protein. These shakes are great to drink right after a workout when your body needs it most!

HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval training is a type of workout that can increase your metabolism rapidly and effectively. The great thing about this type of workout is that it can be done with whatever exercise you prefer. The key to performing this type of routine is the intensity level and timing.

Let’s say you enjoy walking. You can turn your regular walk into a HIIT workout by incorporating high intensity running intervals into your workout. View the example below:

David usually walks for 30 minutes a day. He wants to turn his walks into HIIT workouts. Instead of walking the full 30 minutes, he now walks for 5-minute intervals and then performs a 45-60 sec interval of high intensity running or sprinting in between walking intervals. Now his workout looks like this: Warm-up, 5 min walk /45-sec sprint / 5 min walk /45-sec sprint, and so on.

The great thing about HIIT is that it burns calories even after you stop working out! Give it a try and enjoy the results!

Weight Training

A decade ago, people were focusing solely on cardio as the sole producer of weight-loss. Today, we know a different, more versatile way to speed up our metabolisms. Weight training, also known as lifting weights, is one of the most effective ways to increase your metabolism. This type of workout is so effective because it works out the muscles directly. Muscles are what burn fat rapidly and increase your metabolic rate.

Additionally, lifting weights will speed your metabolism up for the 24-48 hours following your workout. This means that if you focus on training your muscles, they will do the work of burning fat, even while at rest!

In Conclusion

Speeding up your metabolism is crucial because it plays a key role in weight loss and muscle gains. Many of the trends we are seeing today in the fitness industry are producing astonishing results. If you want to see results and feel better in your body, try eating more protein, doing HIIT workouts, and weight training.

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