A Little About Myself

Hello everyone,

I believe that every person, every human, is made up of the unique experiences they’ve lived, the places they’ve been, the people they’ve met, and the memories they’ve shared. These things come together to shape and form individual people with distinct personalities. I wanted to share some things about myself so that you can see the little things that make up who I am.

If I am going to tell you my story, it’s only fair that I begin with the two people who created me. My mother and father. Both of my parents are Cuban and they sought political asylum in the States in the late 80s; therefore, my siblings and I are the first generations born here in the US.

I was born and raised in Biloxi, MS. Now, Biloxi is a very unique town in the South. It sits on the very southern coast of MS, where there’s a large shrimping industry and casinos throughout the town. It is located about an hour from New Orleans, so as you can imagine, the culture intertwined with that of the Creole. My childhood was during a time before technology, where we still walked through our neighborhoods and knocked on friends’ doors to play. Where we ding-dong-ditched neighbors and planned nights out on the roller skating rink.

It was a very strange experience, being raised in a southern state where there were only one or two other Cuban families. My parents held on tight to their traditions and passed them on to us carefully. They always reminded us that we should be proud of where we came from and Spanish was our first language. I thank them today for the way they raised us. We are a beautiful mix of Cuban and southern. Latino, yet so American.

Anyways, flash forward to now. I am the mother of an incredibly smart, handsome, and witty 4-year-old. We live in sunny Naples, FL, where I have my parents and siblings. Most of our family is actually in Cuba.

I have always had a passion for words and writing. I began to write poetry 4 years ago, during some hard times. I find that the darkest times create the most beautiful poetry. My dream is to fill hearts with emotions with my writing. The most rewarding part of it all is knowing that others enjoy reading the words that come from my fingertips.

Farewell for now,

Estrella Martinez

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