Night Monster -A Poem About Depression

It creeps in, in the middle of the night

Like a thief, it blends in with the shadows

Attaches itself to me

Like a parasite to its host

Only this parasite thrives on happiness and joy

While I sleep and dream drams far away

It works its way into my mind

I awake the next morning to find

That I no longer see the world as it was

The sun isn’t shining

I can’t hear the birds sing

My heart isn’t beating

I can’t feel a thing

I’m numb to it all

The side effects of the monster

I can’t feel a thing

The things that made me laugh

No longer bring me joy

My loved ones seem distant and

I’m no good at anything

I don’t matter

I look in the mirror and see overweight

A black cloud hangs over all of my goals

And there I stood, watching it all unfold

My heart clenching to the truth

That my family prays for me every day

That the man I love plans to make me his wife

That my son doesn’t see mom he sees Wonder Woman

The things I love are still there

But I am the one no longer present

No longer in control

Because the monster took ahold of me in my sleep

And nobody knows

How depressed I really am

-The Breathing Poet

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