The Broken Girl

There was once a girl that didn’t know who she was after every heartbreak, ending or chapter in her life. She worked diligently to find herself again but discovered it was a new person every time.

Her soul and heart had changed. Her points of view were different and her priorities were rearranged. Finding herself wasn’t as easy as losing herself. The way she saw the world had become blurry and she struggled to regain her vision. She had to finish breaking so she could rebuild and keep growing again.

The process drained her each time a little more. This time was harder than the last. Everything around her seemed foreign, her family felt different. She felt out of place and lost. Her future felt unsteady and unsure. Most days seemed fine until the sun set and the day turned to night. Thoughts seemed to darken as quickly as the sky and all of a sudden it was harder to smile and keep her mind positive.

She has lived a thousand lives and her soul has grown older in the process. Feeling misunderstood seemed to become the norm and the number of people who could lift her up lessened until only she could drag herself out of the darkness.

She craved love and safety. But she closed herself off to these very things. All the while, she knew she couldn’t do this anymore. If she was going to heal, she had to push past this.

That girl is me.

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