What Love Isn’t

When I wake up at night

Next to you

Your hand wrapped around me

The world, quiet

I understand

What love is

And what love isn’t

Love is calm

Love is a blanket wrapped around you

No, that’s just your arm

And love is your heartbeat against my ear

But it feels like the ocean waves

Crashing against the shore

Love feels like a hurricane

All around you

But you’re in a cave of safety

Love with you

Was something new

It was safe, it was sure

Love was meant for me

Love was pure

Love does no harm

You take my hand

I take your arm

Love is not

An open flame

Where you walk through fire

And someone’s to blame

Love is not a harmful thing

Where I get hurt

And take the pain

Love is not a battle ground

Where I lose my mind

And yours is found

Love is not an endless game

Where I give all

And it ends in shame

I wake up at night

To look at you

And think to myself

Love is what you do

I finally found

The true meaning of love

It is free and true

Just like a dove

-The Breathing Poet

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